Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Grade 0 and Matric Spring Tea.

If she believes in herself...she will fly.

It was a beautiful spring morning.

My matric and I!

Never too old to play!

Dads and Daughters Day.

Thank heaven for little girls!

Ready for some exercise.

This could be tougher than we thought!


Taking a break.

That's the way to do it!

Mosaic Art


Team work.

Special moments with Dad.

This is fun!

Lunch will be served soon.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

At The Movies

As promised the Grade 0 girls went to the movies to see Jock Of The Bushveld. WHAT FUN! Thank you to The Old Girls Association for this amazing prize.

Handa's Surprise Take 4

We hope you like our first attempts at uploading video clips to our blog. We will continue to perfect our camera skills. Watch this space!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Handa's Suprise

We read the story about Handa, a little girl who lived in a village in Africa. One day Handa went to visit her friend Akeyo, who lived in the next village. Handa filled her basket with seven different fruits as a surprise for her friend. As Handa walked along the dusty road she didn't notice when the monkey took the banana, the ostrich took the guava, the zebra took the orange , the elephant took the mango, the giraffe took the pineapple, the antelope took the avocado pear and the parrot took the passion fruit. Handa was nearly at Akeyo's house when she saw Akeyo's naughty goat tied to a stake. The goat pulled and pulled until the rope snapped and he crashed into a tree laden with tangerines. The tangerines fell into Handa's empty basket. When Handa saw her friend , Akeyo smiled and said, " Thank you Handa, you have brought tangerines and they are my favourite fruit." "Tangerines," said Handa, "that is a surprise!"

The Grade 0 girls present their version of
 "Handa's Surprise."