Monday, November 5, 2012

The Nativity Concert

On Friday evening the Grade 0 girls entertained their guests with The Nativity Concert. The singing was awesome, they looked amazing but most importantly each little girl had fun!

Mary and Joseph

The Donkey


The Innkeepers

The Shepherds
The Sheep
The Cows

The Three Wise Men
The Star
The Gift Bearers
The Mice

The Chickens

The Pigs

The Angels

The Angels

The Narrators

Monday, September 24, 2012

Matric Tea

Never too old to ..........

kick off your shoes!

concede defeat

play with shadows

feel the sand between your toes

make a sand castle

play catch

hide from your friend

have a chat about this and that

just take time out

give a friend a piggy back ride

Having Tea With My Matric

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Friends Tea.

As part of our theme, Friends and Family, we have a Friends Tea. We make an invitation for a friend from the other Grade 0 class who in turn replies to say that they would "love to be there!". We bake gingerbread cookies, and learn how to set the table.We all take great care when pouring the hot tea.We have learnt such a lot and had great fun!

We made a gingerbread cookie for our friend.

Setting the table. This needed team work!

I think we have everything.

Pouring can be tricky.




Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Grade 0 and Grade 3 Market

Each year the Grade 0 girls hold a market to raise funds for the Matric Tea in Term 3. Our "Grade 3 Buddies" help each little girl to set up her stall and to make sure that the correct money changes hands. Most items are sold for R5.
The total profit for the morning was R6500. Thank you to our amazing Mums and Dads who supported our little girls so well.



Mrs Johnstone was so proud of us. It really was difficult to decide what to buy!