Thursday, June 30, 2011

100 Days of School

Today we celebrated 100 Days of Grade 0. Our special Matric girls came to help us bake 100 cup cakes. They then took us to their Matric lawn and presented us with a beautiful flower and a certificate to say we have completed 100 days at St Marys. It was a fun day but with so many learning opportunities. Grade 0 is the place to be!!

100 Days of School

We made party packets which contained 100 things. 

Our matrics helped us count.

The matric girls gave a flower and a certificate to each Grade 0 girl.

The High School girls welcomed us! We felt so special.

Thank you matrics. We will remember this special day.

We baked 100 cupcakes.

Our matrics helped us.

The Big Walk

On Wednesday 15 June the Grade 0 girls joined the rest of the Junior School for The Old Girls Annual Big Walk. The theme for our grade was "The Sleep Walkers." The girls, teachers and some moms came to school in their pyjamas. What fun!!
Ready to go!!

Another lap done.

Keep walking!

Me and my mom.

Me and my teddy bear!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Grade 0 Dolls and Doughnuts Tea

What happens Now?

Well, we had to make ourselves a cup of tea.

We sat next to the friend we had invited and we chatted.

We then started enjoying the doughnuts that we iced.

After we played we realised that every good mom needs some rest!

We held a "mother's meeting".

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Parachute Games

After the disappointment that we were not actually going to jump out of an aeroplane, the Grade O girls enjoyed their first taste of using a parachute. Apart from the physical benefits of exercise for the upper body, to make the parachute mushroom effectively, team work is essential.